A dynamic entry on the domestic real estate market

About us

We are your new smart choice in the domestic market for affordable real estate options throughout Cyprus. Themis Real Estate is an innovator of real estate management in Cyprus and currently manages the real estate portfolio of Themis Portfolio Management Limited.

Our services

Themis Real Estate offers different property choices all over Cyprus, at a range of prices and options affordable to all. Our portfolio includes plots of land, residential properties, and commercial real estate, across a broad geographical area in both urban and rural Cyprus. We have highly experienced and successful executive team, with a proven track record in the field.

The properties presented in this website are owned by Themis Portfolio Management Holdings Limited or a wholly owned subsidiary of Themis Portfolio Management Limited.

Our mission

The core mission of Themis Real Estate is to become the key choice for any potential real estate buyer. Having considered the fine details of all stages in the property acquisition process, it has established a comprehensive customer service plan, catering to all customer demands to offer the most appropriate and best suited solutions.