Revolution in the real estate market by Themis Real Estate with up to 60% discount... 3-60 Themis Event: Spring 2022

Themis Real Estate pioneers, dares and launches a unique institution for the data of Cyprus that will allow every interested person to become an owner of real estate with

Specifically, for the limited period of 60 days, more than 60 properties will be offered with a preferential discount of up to 60%.

Themis Real Estate opens to every prospective owner a window of opportunity through which the acquisition of a property will not be an impossible dream. Thus the acquisition of the ideal property becomes more feasible than ever and the possibility of obtaining a lifetime opportunity from Themis Real Estate acquires a stable reference point.
With the inauguration of the institution: 3-60 Themis Event: Spring 2022, Themis Real Estate is creating a revolution in the real estate market. The vision of Themis Real Estate is to create the conditions for every interested person to get the life opportunity they want. Now every prospective buyer with up to 60% discount will have unhindered access to more than 60 properties from the rich range of options of Themis Real Estate that includes all kinds of properties such as houses, plots and fields that cover the entire territory of Cyprus, from urban and mountainous areas to rural areas.

It is worth noting that the total value of the offered properties that Themis Real Estate will dispose of through the 3-60 Themis Event: Spring 2022 approaches 15 million. euro.

The opportunities offered by Themis Real Estate are obtained easily and quickly, due to the reliable and simplified procedures adopted by the company. At the same time, the experienced, highly trained and specialized staff of the company can advise and guide the stakeholders, at every step, providing assistance and solutions strategically tailored to each individual needs and on the basis of all personalized data.

The prestige and reliability of Themis Real Estate results from the trust and appreciation of its customers all over Cyprus who have benefited from the comparative advantages, the life opportunities it proposes and the know-how of the company.

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