Themis Real Estate Announcement of Operations Launch

Themis Real Estate announces the launch of its operations in the real estate sector.

With its wide portfolio and expertise in the real estate sector, Themis Real Estate is entering the local market with the vision of offering solutions of timeless value.

Having Resolute Asset Management’s global experience in managing assets, properties and projects, Themis Real Estate’s main target is to offer additional value to the customer by applying a blend of principles that synthesizes its corporate philosophy.

Themis Real Estate’s main mission is to become the fundamental choice for every prospective real estate buyer. Analyzing the stages of owning a property, it has formed a comprehensive services plan, predicting the clients’ demands in such a way to be able to offer suitable selections and better solutions.

The company offers a variety of property choices all over Cyprus, in affordable prices. Its portfolio includes plots, residences, and commercial assets at a broad geographical range, in urban and rural Cyprus.

Its modern personality becomes a powerful attribute along with its experienced and successful executive team with a proven achievement record in the field. The company’s expectation is to establish its leadership in the real estate sector, offering added value to the Cypriot prospective buyer.

The enormous selections potential of the local market, along with a flexible sale mechanism adopted, provide Themis Real Estate with a clear competitive advantage to become the initial choice for all those currently exploring the real estate market.

In a period of intense market competition, Themis Real Estate enters dynamically to take up the gauntlet, building client trust on a personalized level with its already verified expertise.