Themis Real Estate answers seven questions about the present, the future and the prospects of the sector in Cyprus.

During the Christmas holidays and as the end of the Year approaches, the report of the previous year comes for all of us as a natural development, in order to lay the foundations for building a new year with goals of optimism and hope for renewal and progress.
Focusing on the concept of foundation and building new goals and on the occasion of the very original Christmas campaign of Themis Real Estate, the desire to communicate with the company and learn more about the whole concept, but also the philosophy of the group that gives a completely new approach to how we defined the big gifts until today was born.
For this purpose, we met Mrs. Jennifer Petridou Sharpe, MRICS, who welcomed us cordially at the company's offices and had the courtesy to respond to our request to grant the following exclusive interview.

In your Christmas campaign Real Estate is approached as great gifts, can real estate be considered as such;
The range of available properties that we have in our portfolio is undoubtedly the most special gift for those interested, their loved ones and their families, as its range includes ideal options for the construction of a permanent or holiday home, for future investment and/or development of land.
We can offer our customers a rich range of choices with houses, apartments, plots, and fields at prices starting from € 3,000 and covering the entire territory of Cyprus.
Therefore yes, without any doubt a property can be approached as a gift with duration in time, as it can become the basis for planning bigger dreams and goals.

What are your comparative advantages as a company over the rest of your sector and how do you define your quality difference;
All our comparative advantages, which strengthen us with a qualitative Excellence focus on our philosophy that focuses on the customer and the satisfaction of all his needs, in order to be able to answer questions, provide facilities and guide with strategy and perspective the goals in identifying the ideal and on the basis of the requested property. The main criterion in this approach is the absolute respect for the customer, the honest communication and the provision of reliable and strategically selected solutions to any needs.
For this reason we have simplified the property purchase procedures, we have well trained and experienced staff who can guide and help in every step of the process, while all our properties go through strict and meticulous quality control and any repairs or cleaning are made, deemed necessary, before they go on the market.
At the same time we have a modern, upgraded, fast and user friendly website. In all of the above, of course, the orientation of the management of our company, which is aimed at the evolution and simplification of the procedures in the real estate market in order to help and facilitate interested buyers, has a decisive role.

What is your vision as a company for your sector and the development of Cyprus in general? how much your sector can affect the economy of Cyprus in general;
Our vision as a company is directly intertwined with the development of Cyprus, as we aspire to become the market Leader of our sector, in order to strengthen by any means and support the dynamics and economic prospects of our island, creating conditions of prosperity and development for all our fellow citizens.
It is precisely for this goal that we are constantly upgrading and expanding with continuity and consistency, in order to make our company a hub for the provision of services in the real estate sector.
In general and as a whole, our industry provides the economy of Cyprus with significant benefits and great prospects, as it contributes to the creation of many new jobs, contributes to the upgrading of living standards, provides prospects to young people and gives the incentive and stimulus to constantly enrich the services provided in Cyprus.
At the same time with the intense activity of our industry, productivity increases, the quality of goods and services improves and the competitiveness of the economy as a whole is strengthened.

How is the demand formed in the real estate market in Cyprus and what factors affect it catalytically;
What we are already observing from market research and their study is that inevitably the pandemic has also affected the real estate sector, catalytically I dare to say, with the result that the search for security and stability offered by the value of land is urgently returning.
This is mainly due to the fact that to a large extent all of us re-evaluated the need for housing as our main refuge against the pandemic.
Thus, there is an increased demand from domestic buyers and at the same time the demand has skyrocketed both in terms of the purchase of residential blocks, as well as in terms of the search for agricultural land, for longer-term investments.

How do you think the real estate sector can help attract reliable and healthy foreign investors;
Undoubtedly, we can state, following closely the international scene and the trends that are taking shape, that Cyprus has become an attractive destination for real estate purchase by foreign investors, as it combines in full harmony the advantages offered by the membership of the EU member state.E. and the Eurozone with its quality of life, security, low crime rates and ideal living conditions offered by its balanced good Mediterranean climate.
However, in order to attract reliable and healthy foreign investors, it is imperative to formulate an integrated strategy and a new, modern development model that highlights and characterizes our country as a reliable, safe and friendly business destination.
Therefore, for the achievement of this strategy, the provision of open, transparent and reliable conditions and procedures is crucial.

The process of acquiring a property from those you as a company own is easy or difficult; provide specific guidance and advice to prospective buyers;
The process of acquiring a property from our company can be characterized as easy, fast and reliable and this is mainly due to the simplified procedures we have created (user friendly website, video tutorials, call center, website live chat, etc.).
Yet the whole process facilitates the fact that we have experienced staff who can advise and guide the stakeholders in each step of the way, while we strive to constantly evolving, seeking new ways and modern methods with the goal of further simplification of procedures, so as to enhance and maximize the provision of assistance to the individual concerned tailored to the needs and individual personalized data.

What would you advise a prospective interested buyer of Real Estate what he should pay attention to in order to choose the piece that interests him and meets his needs;
The Alpha and Omega before he can proceed with the selection of the piece in the area that interests him is the right research.
Having, Of course, previously studied and decided on the purpose and use of its market, that is, what purpose it aspires to achieve with the specific market and how it seeks to exploit it.
When he completes the above steps, then it is necessary to decide wisely where to make his purchase and then if he finds the piece that interests him to study the property and all the following procedure required for the purchase.

In any case, of course, contacting us to provide them with information, advice and guidance on the properties we have in our portfolio is the most reliable, immediate and safe choice that guarantees the satisfaction of all individual needs and concerns, with a personalized approach based on the experience, know-how, consistency and professionalism that characterizes us.

The prestige and reliability of Themis Real Estate results from the trust and appreciation of its customers all over Cyprus who have benefited from the comparative advantages, the life opportunities it proposes and the know-how of the company.

For more information on available properties and specialist advice visit: or call 77 788 788.